Power Pet Sitter Instructions

How do I view or edit my information?

•          Click the “edit my info” tab on the top left of the page. I have already included some basic information for you, but feel free to add anything. There are a lot of details you can add—don’t feel that you have to include everything!

However, please be sure to add the following:

o          Emergency contact info/In case of emergency authorization

o          Under “View my Pets” (second page) the veterinarian, vaccine checkbox, and your pet’s birthday!

How to I schedule an appointment?

•          Once you log on, it you will be on the page “Schedule an Appt.” Enter a name for your appointment (ex. pet’s name or “Spring Vacation”)

•          Select a start date and end date (if one-time appointment); if recurring appointment, select time period (per week, two weeks, etc.), but you don’t need to enter an end date.

•          After you click “Continue”, check off all the days you’d like visits. Select “yes” if you want the same time every day.  Select “no” if you want different times.

•          You can then select visits during certain time blocks (morning, midday, evening or late night.)

•          You can ADD NOTES to each visit for the sitter if you want to include more details (ex. a more specific time, special concerns, etc.)

•          Please remember to SAVE your information.


Congratulations!  You’ve successfully scheduled an appointment!  You will receive a confirmation email once we’ve reviewed your request. You can edit your appointment at any time by clicking the EDIT button.


please email or call


(516) 307-7290 

or use our contact form.

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